Coming from a large body cinema camera (Panasonc Varicam LT), and setting foot in the Red modular echo system is a welcomed change.

Being able to customize the camera build for each job, is a great way to get things exactly how you want them.I’m really liking the SmallRig 90mm Nato Rail on the top of the camera.  It makes it very easy to quickly swap items for the rig build, and the SmallRig build quality and aesthetics match the Komodo/Red aesthetic.

Pick up the SmallRig rails here.

SmallRig Nato Rails

ProGrade CFast Cards

For media I picked up 512Gb Cfast cards, but I might pick up some 256 GB cards.  The 512 Giga cards take a long time to offload.  Having two 256GB cards would force me download more often, just in case a card fails data lose is less disastrous.  The 512 GB cards are great for long format recording tho.  Given the relatively low cost of Cfast media, why not get both?

ProGrade CFast cards are RED Approved, pick some up here.